FDIA Poster Session

Thursday 18 July 2019

16:30 – 18:00

  • Erika Fabris. Extending the use of nanopublications: retrieval, citation and statement verification
  • Emma Gerritse. Impact of Debiasing Word Embeddings on Information Retrieval
  • Fabio Giachelle. Visual analytics methods for the automatic content generation from streaming data.
  • Antonio Mallia. Efficient top-k document retrieval
  • Alessio Molinari. Leveraging the Transductive Nature of e-Discovery \ in Cost-Sensitive Technology-Assisted Review
  • William Needham. A review of neural approaches to the Question Answering task
  • Magdalena Nikola. Evaluating the success of search sessions in Interactive Information Retrieval
  • David Otero. Exploiting Pooling Methods for Building Datasets for Novel Tasks
  • Mauricio Quezada. Knowledge Discovery from News Events on Social Media
  • Siba Sankar Sahu and Sukomal Pal. A Corpus-based Decompounding in Sanskrit
  • Alfred Sliwa. Probabilistic Modeling of Vague Conditions in Product Search
  • Vasileios Stamatis. So What’s the Value of Conversational Search Agents in E-commerce Retailers?

IMPORTANT: It is necessary that the posters are prepared in A1: 100x70cm format, with vertical orientation.