Nicola Tonellotto

Efficiency and scalability in IR

Abstract: Typically, techniques that benefit effectiveness of information retrieval (IR) systems have a negative impact on efficiency. Yet, with the large scale of Web search engines, there is a need to deploy efficient query processing techniques to reduce the cost of the infrastructure required. This lecture aims to provide a detailed overview of the infrastructure of an IR system devoted to the efficient yet effective processing of user queries. This lecture guides the attendees through the main ideas, approaches, and algorithms developed in the last 30 years in IR query processing.

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Short Bio: Dr. Nicola Tonellotto ( is a researcher within the High-Performance Computing Lab at Information Science and Technologies Institute of the National Research Council of Italy. His main research interests include cloud computing and information retrieval, focusing on efficiency aspects of query processing and resource management. Nicola has co-authored more than 60 papers on these topics in peer-reviewed international journal and conferences. He was co-recipient of the ACM’s SIGIR 2015 Best Paper Award for the paper entitled “QuickScorer: a Fast Algorithm to Rank Documents with Additive Ensembles of Regression Trees”.